N TODAY'S fast paced society hospital facilities

are the blanket that brings comfort and security to its neighboring

community. As many Americans face a strenuous economy the

number of self-paying hospital patients skyrockets. Changes in

medical care procedures, vital shortages of nursing personnel,

staying on top of the perpetual changes of technology and

government guidelines are only a few of the obstacles today’s

hospitals face.

As hospitals deal with these challenges there are human lives that

require assistance. Various prominent groups protect the interest

of the insurance industry, hospitals and doctors. However, the

average consumer has no one to turn to for help with their medical

financial affairs, until now. Our mission is to assist self-pay hospital

patients find the means to pay their medical bills, through

participation in various government assistance programs. Today,

working in partnership with some of the largest hospital networks,

we are delivering customized solutions to meet the increasing

challenges in reimbursement faced by our clients.



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